Monday Morning Commute: These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For

Hello. My name is Ian Drinkwater and I blog quite a lot. I churn out thousands of words a day. Sometimes I enjoy them. Sometimes I don’t. I meet deadlines and I churn out more. For fun. For non-profit. Mostly to share that which I dubeth dope. Interesting. Intriguing. It’s a hell of a universe out there. It’s a hell of planet right here.

Monday Morning Commute. Every Monday I’m going to detail the various things I’m either currently or will be watching, reading, playing, and listening to in the next seven days. It’s Monday. You’ve got a long week of school, work, or compulsive masturbation to get through. Tell me what you’re diggin’ on to get through the drudgery.


Playing / Bioshock 2
Do you remember that cartoon, Inside Out Boy, or some shit? Kid goes over the handlebars on his swing set, and turns inside out? That’s what Bioshock 2 feels like to me. Whereas in the original Bioshock I always found the gameplay to be a device that merely moved the narrative along, in the sequel I’m experiencing the inverse. Bioshock was all about narrative for me, the sequel is all about gameplay.

I could be alone on both accounts. I know people really loved the gameplay of the original, but I found it enjoyable enough to move along the storyline and allow me to experience the atmosphere. In the sequel, I find the storyline to be secondary. It all feels so derivative, even if it seems to be pitting Collectivism up against Objectivism or whatever. I just sort of yawn, and nod.

The gameplay is a different story, however. I rub up against the dual wielding capabilities lovingly. I love the remote hacking. It’s Inside Out Bioshock for me. I’m not disliking the game, but ultimately it is feels like its going to be forgettable.


Fall approaches. I’m ready. I’m not certain if I’ll be saying that next week when classes kick-off, along with my assistantship. We’ll see. Regardless of the actions which populate my Fall palette, the setting unto itself is far more enjoyable. It is the scent of death within the air which invigorates me. Nature’s last orgasmic explosion, the leaves turn and the air does with it. It’s nice. At least to me. You can have your spring, and your summer. I’m most comfortable in the crisp autumn air.


Reading / Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire
As I joyously proclaimed in a previous post, I finally found a copy of the first trade paperback of Sweet Tooth. Joy afoot! I could have ordered it, but you know how it goes. You don’t want to wait for something so you don’t order it off the netterwebs, and then when you finally find it, you could have cut down on your wait time by a month or so.

So I fall prey to.

I own it though, and I’m cracking it open tonight. I hope it’s up to the hype, and I have a suspicion it will be. I’m looking for something quirky, to supplement my decaying interest in superhero comic books. I have a stack of comics that are sitting on my desk, asking to be read. I don’t think it’s a dislike for the medium whatsoever, since there are a few titles I read immediately upon getting home from the funny book store.


So Fall turns, and my schedule thickens. The readership here at OL isn’t exactly thriving, but nonetheless I’ll continue posting. We have a dedicated little fanbase, and more than that I think Pepsibones and I get off on the experience of creation. God knows, that kid is a trooper. Far busier than I am, and yet far more precise in his ability to post columns on the day they’re scheduled for. Let him be my inspiration, I suppose.

He’s still a piece of crap though. Goin’ the right way for a stunning chest-chop into a jack-knife powerbomb.


Listening / Battlestar Mini Series Soundtrack, by Richard Gibbs
God bless Battlestar Galactica. It’s a bit of a token here on Omega Level. Pepsibones loved it, I really loved it. To the point of unhealthiness. I contemplate making new friends just so I can shove it down their throat.

Have you seen Battlestar Galactica? No? We should totally watch it! You’re not really interested? Okay!, I’ll be over at 9, and we’ll get started on the mini series. You’re going to lock the door? I will kick with hate and fury until your domicile is exposed to my insanity!

Fuck you, watch this show.


What are you guys doing this week? Don’t be assholes, tell me.