Daredevil #512 To Be The Man of Fear’s Final Issue?

Daredevil is a favorite comic book of the Brothers Omega. It has received consistently outstanding writing throughout the years, whether it be from Brian Marvel Bendis, Ed Brubaker, or more recently Andy Diggle and Antony Johnston. And so while I know that Daredevil #512 isn’t the last issue we’ll ever see starring the Man of Fear, the fact that they’re billing it as the “FINAL ISSUE” of a favorite comic book of mine is at least enough to give me pause.

Robot 6:

That’s according to the publisher’s November solicitations, which uncharacteristically lists Daredevil #512   as the “FINAL ISSUE.” Marvel typically doesn’t announce cancellations that far in advance, suggesting there’s something “special” in store; perhaps a miniseries interlude as Matt Murdock grapples with the ramifications of the “Shadowland” storyline, or a complete series relaunch. Daredevil returned to its original numbering in September 2009 with Issue 500.

You know that Matt Murdock’s precipitous slide into madness ramped up a notch when he stabbed Bulleye’s deserving ass and decided to declare war using the Hand as his personal army in the current Mega Event, Shadowland. I mean, dude was just playing with fire. Hellfire, and some brimstone on the side as well.

I just wonder what lays in the cards for Murdock? If they actually kill him off for a bit, that’s +20 to Testicular Fortitude, man. They put Matty into a tailspin so many years ago, and if they actually let him crash and burn as opposed to some convenient salvation, then god damn, cap tipped.