Star Wars Cereal Boxes = Fug Yes. Wash It Down With Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk.

Holy crap, this shit is dope as fuck. Lucky nerds are going to get these Star Wars cereal boxes at the upcoming Star Wars Orgy of Nerdiness, Celebration V:

via comics alliance:

Sixteen mini-boxes will be given away at Collectors Panels during Celebration V in Orlando from August 12-14, according to The parodies of classic grocery store varieties include Hothsted Flakes, Raisin Han, Troop Loops and Vlix, which only the most hardcore of Star Wars fans and “Droids” cartoon series followers will likely understand.

Artists Jeff Correll, Mattias Rendahl, Grant Gould, Bill Cable, Chris Reiff, Jeff Carlisle, Scott D.M. Simmons, and Chris Trevas contributed imagery to these freebees, whose production runs will be capped at 400 boxes each. Count Dookula actually looks mighty tasty. If there’s a cereal manufacturer taking notes out there, there are plenty of lightsaber spoons out there ready to dig into this deliciousness if given the chance.

This is ridiculously win. Hit the jump to check out all the other boxes that belong to this line.