Is Inception Going To Be “Too Smart” And Do I Care? Maybe and No.

For a while I’ve been stoked about Inception. And for a bit shorter than that period of time, I’ve been wondering about the Average Mouth Breather’s reaction to it. The Average Mouth Breather walked out of the Matrix confused. And they were like “Wait, who was Tyler Durden?”

Since the premise for Inception has been revealed; a world involving dreams, injections into these dreams, concepts of existence, ideas, and philosophy, I’ve generally had one reaction: this movie is going to be over people’s heads. I’m not being a dick, I’m just working off of what I’ve observed regarding other “confusing” movies.

And the thing is, Inception cost a shit load. $200.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that this movie may be beyond people:

Jason Sanford via io9:

This film will be a major flop at the box office… My prediction is that this will be a good SF film which the critics will love, but which doesn’t find a large audience because of its subject matter. Since Christopher Nolan is still Hollywood’s golden boy and is working on another Batman movie, studios will overlook losing their shirts on this film. But that won’t change the fact that Inception will be a flop.

It’s an interesting question, and Sanford definitely argues towards a conclusion I had been contemplating.

My reaction?

I really don’t care. My idea of a flop, since I fund nothing and have nothing at risk is a shitty movie. If Inception fucking rocks, it matters very little to me how much it makes. And while it may make executives shit their pants while contemplating this movie never making its money back, I take solace in the idea that it’ll be a cult or eventual fan favorite.

À la Blade Runner.

My actual prediction?

I think the movie is going to be a successful, to the point where it makes its money back. Why? A) I’m a huge fanboy, and I’m hugely biased. B) I think (without having seen it, I’m hugely biased) that the movie is going to be exciting enough for people to enjoy it on one level, while it lends itself to further analysis for those involved.

But really? I just hope it gives me nocturnal emissions. Get it? A dreamy jizz joke based on a movie about dreams? Yeah, I went there.