Grant Morrison Is Comics Jesus; His Documentary Gets A Trailer

Grant Morrison is one of comics’ superwunderminds in the past, god, I don’t know how many years. The Brothers Drinkwater here at Omega Level share a special source of reverence for the guy. And out of that reverence is born an extreme, extreme excitement for an upcoming documentary regarding him. Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods is bound to be ridiculous win. Not only is his writing surreal, essential, and just fucking enjoyable, but the man is a character. Heavy drug use back in the day, claims of communicating with aliens? Yeah bro, he done claimed that.

The trailer dropped for his documentary, and it pivots around an absurd moment that spawned his inspiration for All-Star Superman. Don’t like Superman? A) You’d like his run, B) The story behind the inspiration is amazing.

Hit the jump and check out the trailer.