Perverts Lament: Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume

Wonder Woman’s getting a new costume, and she’s covering up. Like, woah. Sorry perverts! But the outfit which really never made sense and only got more ridiculous with time has been replaced with something “modern” or whatever. Designed by Jim Lee! Let’s get the downlow on the outfit:

Writer J. Michael Straczynski via Robot 6:

Form follows function. She has to exist a great deal in an urban setting. So I wanted her to have an outfit that she can close up and pass more or less without notice, or open when she’s in a fight to reveal her full appearance. I wanted the outfit to express her own situation, in that she lives in two worlds, which is also in a way the trap in which she’s found herself.

I also wanted it functional. As so many female fans have said over the years, “How does she fight in that without all her parts popping out? Where does she keep stuff?” She can keep or shed the jacket, there are pockets, it’s tough and serious looking while still attractive. It’s a Wonder Woman designed for the 21st century. Not to get all “Project Runway” on this, but what woman wears the same outfit for 60 years without at least accessorizing?

I’m for it. I really am. As much as I enjoy boobs and butts, the outfit was impressively outrageous in the amount of flesh it displayed. Even if that flesh was carved from clay or whatever Wonder Woman’s origin is, I know. The cynical part of me wants to start counting down until they return to the horndog wunderkind that she’s worn since forever, but hey, for the moment, enjoy some new Jim Lee artwork.