DC Comics Go Digital, iPad May Now Be Useful


Ohhhh shit! DC Comics came out today and announced they were going fucking digital:

via comics alliance:

The current plan is to put an issue of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” online a week at Comixology, along with adding over one hundred issues of other DC titles a month to their digital library. Releases for the launch include perennial fan-faves like “Batman: Hush,” “Fables,” and “Planetary,” and alongside the release of archive material there will will be day and date digital releases of “Justice League: Generation Lost,” a currently ongoing series.

The digital revolution shall not be uh…covered in paper mediums! But no, this is really interesting to me. As someone who is clinging on to the vestiges of print media with a fury, as comic book publishers continue to sweeten the pot for reluctant nerds, it becomes harder to deny. I mean, the big deal here is the announcement of day and date release, which means that you can pick up Justice League: Generation Lost on your iPad the day it drops in stores.

I’m still denying, but it’s harder.

Nothing can supplant the enjoyment of going down to the local comic book store, talking to the owner and fellow fans and making an experience out of it. Sorry, DC Comics. And I hope it never will. There’s something enjoyable about basking in a community. As opposed to you know, staring at a sterile download bar in my iTunes.

Batman, PSP Style

Hopefully the tactile enjoyment and the process of buying comic books is as important to other comic book nerds as it is to me. Otherwise, we may be in for a league of hurt. I almost cringe for the owners of my local shop.

And it definitely isn’t without its allure, this DC news. As much as I like going into the shop and picking up my comics, I think I am incredibly inclined to pick up back issues on the iPad, if I owned one. I mean, pay some outlandish price for a back-issue, or snag it immediately on the interwebs when I think of it and want it?

It’s tough, yo.

Also dope? Jim Lee announced that creators will be getting royalties from online sales, awesome:

via jim lee/comics alliance:

As both a comic book creator and Co-Publisher, it was incredibly important that our plan includes not only creator incentive payments, but also an innovative component that supports comic shop owners. We see digital as an opportunity to grow our entire business.

Shots fired! As a comic book nerd, all of this is incredibly intriguing. Who knows what the future portends! Who knows the shape of things to come!