Jeremy Renner To Shoot Assholes As Hawkeye In The Avengers Movie


Jeremy Renner plays a ridiculous bad ass in The Hurt Locker. And he plays a sharpshooting bad ass in 28 Weeks Later. So fuck yeah!, at him playing Hawkeye in the Avengers movie.

via slashfilm:

Man, the past twenty-four hours have been all Marvel, all the time. From Captain America and Thor concept art to more Cap casting and now this confirmation of a rumor that started around Thanksgiving of last year: Jeremy Renner is close to signing a deal to appear in The Avengers as the hero Hawkeye.

Righteous! Who the fuck is Hawkeye? You newbie! In the regular Marvel Universe, Hawkeye is a douchebag with exceptional aim with a bow and arrow. Then he died, and uh, became this guy Ronin, who had exceptional aim and shit with swords.

But in the Ultimate universe, dudebro is a master of bullets and gunpowder-based ownery. Since the Marvel Movieverse seems based off of the Ultimate mythos, here’s hoping Renner gets to be a bad ass with dual-wielding enormo-guns. And not some schmuck with a purple outfit and a quiver.