Party Down References Snow Crash; Makes Me Nerdgasm


I fucking love Party Down. I fucking love Snow Crash. If you don’t know what Snow Crash is, I deplore you! I dance in your blood. It’s only like, the dopest cyberpunk book ever. I love Snow Crash so much that I keep it next to my toilet. This way, when I’m rocketing one of my fifteen daily shits, I can flip it open and gander through a random chapter.

So this week, when Party Down referenced the book, I seriously geeked the fuck out. I shook my girlfriend Sam with glee! In the episode, douchey stud Kyle is trying out for the character of Vitaly Chernobyl in some sort of big screen adaptation. Which, of course, sends Nerd Lord Roman into a sort of apoplexy.

It’s a little tugjob to nerds, but it’s worth mentioning, since it’s one of the little things that makes the show so fucking radical, dood.