Marvel Comics To Be Available On iPad. Oh Fuck You, Now I DO WANT!

Wolverine : Sexy TIme

I’m not buying an iPad anytime soon. I’m broke, and unemployed, and a general douchebag. It would be a complete luxury item.

That said.

Via CBR:

On Saturday morning, Mac fans, tech heads and curious members of the public alike will doubtlessly line up in some form or fashion to be the first people to buy Apple’s new iPad device. Though while the new keyboardless computer will carry many apps built for its paper-sized screen from ebooks to video games, the question on most comic fans minds since its announcement in January has been when comics will be made available for download. And tonight, a first answer to that query came with the news that Marvel Comics will have a launch app ready for the iPad’s first week on sale, produced by comiXology.


Just the concept alone makes me tingly in the groin. I don’t even know if I would use it for that, but the idea alone makes me hot. I love my comic book shop, and I love tangibly owning comics, so I’m pretty torn. But if I could supplement my weekly trip the shop with some splurging in the middle of the night on a random comic?

Good fucking god.

I’m man-wet.