Friends Take Pictures of Bayonetta Cosplay For Friends


No, I didn’t get to go to PAXEAST this weekend. But my friend Jill, the uber female gamer, did. And being an amazing friend and all, she knows my proclivity for worshiping Bayonetta. The result of which was her taking this picture for me from the floors of PAX. Maybe it was for the best I didn’t go. As I imagine my girlfriend watching me being dragged off, screaming, clutching to the ground, foaming at the mouth, I’m like, yeah, that was probably for the best I didn’t see this in person.

Double kudos to Jill for thinking of me as I wept at home. Check out her Twitter, follow her blog, and if you ever find yourself in a game of Modern Warfare 2 with her, god help you. She’s going to own you.