Fuck Offers, Chris Evans IS Captain America

Captain America : Chris Evans?

Yo, forget receiving the offer, Chris Evans is officially Captain America. I came across the news today over at Slashfilm.

Via Slashfilm:

The casting search for Steve Rogers aka the title role in The First Avenger: Captain America has finally come to the end. Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston have hired Chris Evans for the role.

I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Since Saturday, I’ve come around on Evans. As countless dudes pointed out; including Pepsibones amongst others; Evans can act. Dude has chops in Sunshine, okay, agreed. Leave me alone about it. Don’t read this post and go WATCH SUNSHINE,

On the other hand, the dude just doesn’t…come across as Captain America? He’s more playboy than wholesome. He’s more sexy than commanding. Who knows. I could be completely, and I hope I am, wrong. I just can’t picture the dude playing an authoritative role.

Steve Rogers is capable of leading brosephs into battle against the Red Skull and Nazis. He’s supposed to give them hope and faith. At best, Chris Evans gives me a broner.

We’ll see.