Chris Evans Offered Captain America? Wait, What The Fuck?


Chris Evans as Captain America? Has the whole world gone crazy?! The dude who played Johnny Storm in those shitty Fantastic Four movies has been offered the helm of not only the Captain America but also the Avengers flick? And a thousand nerd-boys cried out at once.

Via Slashfilm

If Chris Evans fancies adding another comic book character to his resume, then the coveted mantle of Captain America is reportedly his for the taking.Heat Vision warn that he’d have to free himself from an obligation to headline the rom-com What’s Your Number? with Anna Faris before he could take the role, but I’d imagine he’s already got Miles Massey types working on it.Evans was not part of Marvel’s original hit list for the role, but he’s apparently ridden in late in the day to win them over.

I actually dig Chris Evans. And I thought he was perfect as Johnny Storm. Unfortunately, ridiculous, quasi-brain-damaged-but-amusing isn’t exactly how I envision Steve Rogers. Oh well. Maybe they see something in him that I don’t. I mean, I dug his serious turn in Sunshine, so there’s that. I don’t know though, color me disappointed with a mild shade of inexplicable hopeful optimism. And uh, throw in some woeful resignation. And confusion. And a slight appreciation for Evans’ body, which is gorgeous.