The Real Liu Kang Is From Mortal Kombat II, Yo.

The Last Real Deal, Yo.

I always thought it was some kind of bullshit that the douchebags at Midway replaced the actor who played Liu Kang in the first two Mortal Kombat games when they made MK3. I mean, who the fuck is this Eddie Wong? Dude, no offense, but get the fuck out of here. We all know that Ho Sung Pak is the Liu Kang. He’s the guy we bonded with! I mean, god damn! We went through two tournaments locked in mortal combat with this guy, and you just expect to waltz up and steal our hearts?

Forget all the retarded shit from Mortal Kombat 3 for a second. Forget Stryker, and Sindel and Nightwolf. The real fucking travesty was this jabroni trying to supplant our boy as Liu Kang.