Monday Morning Commute: The Bordering Lands, Misdirection, And Prehistoric Animals

Monday Morning Commute

This is the lovely week of Halloween! Let me tell you something, as much as Pepsibones apparently loves the holiday, I couldn’t give less of a fuck. Here’s what I’ll be enjoying aside from dressing up as something shitty and playing beer pong on Saturday evening.

Monday Morning Commute. Every Monday I’m going to detail the various things I’m either currently or will be watching, reading, playing, and listening to in the next seven days. It’s Monday. You’ve got a long week of school, work, or compulsive masturbation to get through. Tell me the arts that you’re indulging in, to stave off suicide.


Playing / Borderlands, Xbox 360

Borderlands and I shared a hell of a week. I went from wanting to play it but figuring I didn’t have time, to trading in Brutal Legend so I could afford it, to plugging it publicly and getting recognized by the game’s creative director. What a weird, strange world.

This game is dope as hell. How can I describe it? It’s all of the addictive leveling of Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft, except quicker, and with a thousand million more guns. It’s like Fallout 3 with better, more visceral gameplay, and a leveling system that jerks off us belonging to Generation Give It To Me Now Dammit.

Buy this game, play it with me online. Please.


Watching / Mastodon, live in concert

I know I’m cheesing it. This isn’t a movie or a television show or a play or something! Well, suck it! I’m seeing Mastodon play on Wednesday night, and I’m not worthy. If you haven’t checked out their latest release, or well, fuck, any of their releases, do yourself a solid.


Listening / Between the Buried and Me: The Great Misdirect

BTBAM’s last album is one of my most favoritestest things ever. Knowing that, I await Tuesday’s release of The Great Misdirect with eagerness, while accept it probably won’t come anywhere near their previous work. IN a stunning display of self-discipline, I’ve actually held off from accepting the three thousand links to torrents of the album. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was in high school. Christmas comes on Tuesday.

What are you guys up to?