Famitsu: Bayonetta Is Perfect, Me: Fap, Fap, Fap, Squirt


My love for Bayonetta is well documented. Between the Devil May Cry-esque gameplay, the ridiculous action scenes…and oh yeah, the fact that I want to marry Bayonetta and worship latex, the game is my dream. Well, apparently Famitsu agrees. Because they gave it a 40/40.


Via Kotaku

Japanese game magazine Famitsu has four separate critics score games on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best score. The four scores are then tallied, and 40 is perfecto.

Today, only eleven, well, now twelve games have been awarded the perfect score. The latest is multi-platform title Bayonetta. Multi-platform Bayonetta is the first game to appear on the Xbox 360 to receive this score.

Ah. This is both amazing, and ridiculous. It confirms my love for the game isn’t misplaced, and it also makes me crack up. Other games that have   garnered perfect scores? Oh, just Ocarina of Time and Vagrant Story. And not to mention the countless games that are probably better than Bayonetta and haven’t.

But I’m counting this as a fucking victory. If MGS4: Dullness of the Patriots and Nintendogs can get perfect scores, why the hell not? It is, at the very least, confirmation that on January 29, 2010, I’ll have a reason to at least put down Mass Effect 2 for a moment. Seriously, these two games are three days apart? Fuck me. Fuck you, gaming gods.

Bayonetta. Perfect. Amazing.