Let’s State Obvious Things: Naughty Dog’s Uncharted to Be A Franchise


Hey, let’s churn some obvious bullshit and pass it off as news!

Via Kotaku:

[Uncharted 2] doesn’t conclude the story at all. The expectation with Uncharted 2 is that it can be an ongoing franchise as long as people want more of it.

Wait, really? This news blows my mind for two reasons:

1) I thought middle installments of stories always conclude the tale.

2) I always thought they didn’t make sequels to successful franchises because they didn’t want to milk it to death.

Seriously, this is staggering news. As a non-snarky aside, I can’t wait for Uncharted 2. The original game is still my favorite PS3-exclusive. It doesn’t pioneer anything, but it executes on so many levels with bonerfying proficiency. Hilarious typical wise-ass lead, beautiful visuals, addictive and challenging gameplay, the quinessential shotgun of fury. Every game should have a shotgun of fury. It’s scientifically established the shotgun is the coolest gun in any video game. Ever.

But seriously Naughty Dog, this is good news. But could you take a break and give me a PS3 Jak and Daxter? I’ll sell my nana to you. And my dad.