Blizzard Expects Us to Play Two MMOs; We Respond “Yes Master”


Blizzard knows it’s fanbase well. You see, according to the Blizzard COO, they don’t intend on cannibalizing their own WoW install base for their next MMO. No, they intend on us playing both of them.

Via Wired:

“I think the (new MMO) is going to be significantly differentiated enough,” Sams said. “Such that, you’re not going to feel like they’re one and the same resulting in that you have to pick or choose,” he said.

“If the bad thing that happens to us is that they leave WoW and go to this other thing of Blizzard’s, then we’ll work through that pain,” he added.

That’s fucking ludicrous! That’s absurd.

That’s exactly what’ll happen.

Forget practicality. Forget that there’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, forget all the time you’re going to be playing Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2. If you’re like me, you’re going to make this work somehow.