Nicolas Cage has been turned into a snack in Japan, a country which clearly gets it

nicolas cage japanese snack

Nicolas Cage has been turned into a snack in Japan. Typically I spread cheeks and push when it comes to promotional materials for movies. However, this one clearly fucking nails it.


If you were a Japanese snack food maker and could put anyone on your tasty treats, who would it be? Nicolas Cage, of course!

To promote Army of One’s Japanese release, the actor’s face is being plastered on the popular puffed corn snack Umaibou (or “delicious stick”).

According to Natalie, the Cage version is called “Deluxe Umaibou Nicolastick.” Available for a limited time for folks who buy Army of One movie tickets, Nicolastick tastes like corn potage.

That’s better than what Army of One tastes like.