Wolverine 3 gets new title and an official poster; Logan drops March 3, 2017

wolverine 3 title


Hugh Jackman promised we’d see a big reveal from the next Wolverine movie this week, and this morning he delivered. The actor has just shared the first official poster for the film, which reveals that the official title is… drumroll please… Logan. Check out the Logan poster below, plus a little peek at the script.

Jackman unveiled the first Wolverine 3 poster — sorry I mean Logan poster — on Twitter. As you can see from the photo, the promotional campaign has officially begun.
It’s a simple poster, but kind of a startling one if you know anything about the character. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine is famous for his accelerated healing factor, which allows him to take all manner of punishment and recover instantaneously. But the hand in that Logan poster is covered with cuts and scars. And who’s the small child holding his hand? Could that be X-23, the female Wolverine clone rumored to appear in the movie?