Sacha Baron Cohen In Talks To Join ‘Django Unchained’? Booyaka!

The cast for ‘Django Unchained’ keeps getting crazier and crazier. I mean that shit in a good way. Like, talk about a fucking ensemble. The latest to potentially join the fray? Ali G himself. Also, Rex Linn is onboard.


Here’s the latest update on the ever-growing cast for  Quentin Tarantino‘s anti-slavery ‘southern’  Django Unchained. You might recall that Tarantino once directed an episode of  CSI, and that link could help explain why  Rex Linn, known for playing Frank Tripp on  CSI: Miami, is the proud owner of a role in  Django Unchained. He’ll be Tennessee Harry, according to  Deadline.

More startling is the fact that another actor now in talks for the  movie  is  Sacha Baron Cohen, who is escaping the shadows of his Borat and Bruno characters thanks in part to Martin Scorsese’s  Hugo. He’s in talks for one of the best characters in the film, too.

Variety  says that Sacha Baron Cohen would play Scotty if his deal goes through. That’s a small but crucial role in the movie, and the last one that I was really curious to see cast. (When  Joseph Gordon-Levitt  was added, I wondered before his role was announced if he might be Scotty.)

Can’t fuggin’ wait.