Oh Shit! Super Mario Galaxy 2 Receives US Release Date


Oh shit! Super Mario-Guy is droppin’ on Uranus with a squishy Yoshi grunt this May! Kapow! I’m stoked.

Via Destructoid:

Mario Galaxy 2, the long-awaited sequel to Mario Galaxy, is hitting North America on May 23.


I really dug the original Super Mario Galaxy. It’s a testament to the delicious allure of gameplay, and studly plumbers whose mustaches I would like to caress. Who cares if it was on the Wii, which is like the 32x of Nintendo consoles. It’s like two Gamecubes duct-taped together and asked to over-perform, with a superfluous masturbatory peripheral.

Better yet, Galaxy 2 is bringing back Yoshi, who was sadly absent from the original. What is Mario, if he doesn’t have his indentured dinosaur servant? Nothing! I mean, who else is he going to cruelly ride, demand to suck up everything around him, and throw into pits? He was lost!

I’m ready to get up on this pig this May.