Sam Raimi is returning to horror movies for his next film which is described as “Misery meets Cast Away” and I’m fucking sprung

sam raimi horror movie

By gawd, one of the greats is returning to horror movies. That’s right, folks. Sam Raimi is hopping into the director’s chair, and returning to the genre where he made his name.


Some people are born to do certain things. Sam Raimi is born to make horror movies. And he’s back.

As explained by the Hollywood Reporter, Sam Raimi is teaming up with Columbia Pictures, who you might remember from Raimi’s Spider-Man films, to direct a new, as-of-yet untitled horror project. Raimi is attached to produce and direct the film, written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (Friday the 13th, the 2009 version).

According to THR’s report, the film will be something like Misery meets Cast Away, so probably something uneasy and isolated and brutal. Seems like a good fit for Raimi, definitely. The film was bought by Columbia almost immediately after hearing the pitch, so, like, that’s probably a good sign.

In a statement, Raimi expressed his pleasure at returning to Columbia Pictures, saying, of the writers he’s working with, “I have been a fan of Shannon and Swift and we have found the perfect adventure to share with the world.”

This will be Raimi’s first horror film since Drag Me to Hell in 2009, which is to say that it’s been far too long.