‘Death Stranding’ Trailer: Sam versus a fucking huge Monster

Here’s a new trailer for Kojima’s next jam. It features more of Death Stranding‘s world. Absolutely no clarity! And a big fucking monster.


A new trailer for Death Stranding dropped today, showing Sam struggle to escape from an armed group.

Sam picks up a package from somebody who stresses how important it is. While out on his delivery, a car full of people armed with electric weapons pulls up. Sam seems to hold his own against them, but the final part of the trailer shows a huge, ominous figure in the distance, uprooting the earth around it. We don’t know what’s in Sam’s briefcase, but given his dialogue over the video, it’s something pretty important.

As the release date for Death Stranding inches closer, we’re getting slivers of information about the game’s features, including the ability to communicate with Death Stranding’s Bridge Baby via controller.

Death Stranding will be released on Nov. 8 for PlayStation 4. The soundtrackDeath Stranding: Timefall, which features songs by artists Chvrches and Khalid, among others, will release on Nov. 7 in digital stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play.