‘Letterkenny’ Season 7 Trailers: Fuck You, Shoresy!

Friends, the trailer for Letterkenny Season 7 is here! And, while it doesn’t give away much, it does make me want to give my balls a tug.


Letterkenny’s season 7 trailer dropped today and it has all the antics we’d expect from the show.

The whole gang seems to be back, ranging from the drug-dealing Skids, the puckhead hockey team, and of course, the Hicks. This season will focus on the Hicks putting on an agricultural call-in show, but it’s hard to tell that from the manic trailer alone.

The show, which normally shows the lovely lives of the various types of Canadian folks who live in a rural nowhere, has picked up a massive following. The show’s bizarre humor feels like a fever dream, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. To be faaaaair, quoting the various iconic lines and bits from the show has become a pretty simple way to make friends nowadays.

In addition to the Hulu trailer above, the Canadian streaming service that will host the show, Crave, also dropped a longer trailer.