New ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series coming from ‘Mr. Robot’ creator and I’m wholly the fuck in

mr robot battlestar reboot

[Update: It ain’t a reboot, it’s within the same mythos. Even cooler, fuck yes!]

Battlestar Galactica is being rebooted for NBC’s streaming service. Typically, this would make me shriek and tug at my pubes in a fury. However, it’s being rebooted by Sam Esmail. You know, the dude behind the equally-as-reality-questioning Mr. Robot. So, I’m fucking in. All in.


Sam Esmail, the creator of the Emmy Award-winning Mr. Robot who has signed on to develop the new series for NBCUniversal’s upcoming premium streaming service Peacock, has denied that the series would be a reboot of Ronald D. Moore’s modern take on the franchise, but instead focus on a new story set within that universe.

It was announced earlier this week that as part of Esmail’s four-year production deal with NBCUniversal, the writer and producer would helm a Battlestar Galactica reboot, with Moore’s blessing. However, based on Esmail’s claim, the new series will be something else entirely while serving as an extension to the modern reimagining that ran on the Syfy Channel from 2004 to 2009.

The Verge:

NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, will launch next April with a substantial number of fan favorites and original series, including a reboot of Battlestar Galactica from Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail.

This isn’t a remake of Ronald D. Moore’s Syfy version of Battlestar Galactica that drew in a dedicated fan base in the early 2000s. Still, Esmail’s version of the show will be inspired by Moore’s, according to The Hollywood Reporter, not Glen A. Larson’s original 1978 series. The new series is supposed to have a more modern focus, but details on the reboot are being kept under wraps.

Peacock will also stream Moore’s Battlestar Galactica for fans looking to get all of their Cylon goodness in one place. Moore also has a new series, For All Mankind, heading to Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV Plus, in November.

Esmail is one of the many showrunners in Hollywood inking overall deals with networks and studios. His deal is with Universal Content Productions where he is just about to wrap on Mr. Robot’s fourth and final season. Battlestar Galactica is his second show on Peacock, following Angelyne, a limited series that stars Shameless actress Emmy Rossum.

Peacock is set to launch in April 2020, and it will arrive with an impressive slate of original shows and beloved series. Reboots of popular shows like Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster, helmed by 30 Rock producer Tracey Wigfield and Good Place creator Mike Schur, respectively. Peacock will launch with over 15,000 hours of content. Pricing will be announced closer to launch date, but there will be ad-supported and ad-free tiers.

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