Weekend Open Bar: Into the Jaws of Autumn!

weekend open bar into the jaws of autumn

This weekend kicks Summer square in the dick, sending it off packing. At least, emotionally. I can’t speak for temperatures, or the literal end of the summer. But after this weekend, the Pop Culture Zeitgeist turns its eyes towards football, fall, and All-Pumpkin-Everything. How does that register across your greasy tits, friends? Me? I’m fucking ready. Ready to lean deeply into Spooky Season. Football season. Hoodie season. All them fucking seasons!

It ain’t over yet, though, until this weekend! A weekend packed with cookouts, crank-downs, and coolers of adult beverages. And so, I’m stoked to enjoy the sendoff, while tapping my feet at its passing.

I hope! Oh, I hope. That you’ll join me here at the Weekend Open Bar, too. Let’s spend this final weekend at the spiritual end of summer together! Tell me, what are you doing across the (hopefully) long weekend? Catching one last summer flick? Trying to polish off a video game or too before the fall deluge? Trying to polish off your knob in your backyard, bare-assed in the waning glory of the summer sun?

Pull up a chair next to the fire pit, crack open a cold one, and let’s hang out.

This is Weekend Open Bar!