‘Antlers’ Trailer: This Del Toro-produced jam takes us into a haunting-ass cave. And I’m ready.

Here’s the trailer for Antlers. Directed by Scott Cooper, and produced by Guillermo Del Toro. Seemingly, dude has produced yet another dope-ass horror movie. What’s going on in this preview? I have no fucking idea, but I’m stoked.


Antlers, the latest project produced by Guillermo del Toro (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark), doesn’t have a set release date just yet, but it has a chilling first trailer.

In it, a small boy narrates an eerie tale to his teacher about returning home to hungry bears whose insides turn black. The boy walks through the fog-drenched small town alone, entering his darkened home, where he eats his meals in the dark while a door rattles. We also see a figure wearing a gas mask and holding a red flare; a very creepy drawing; hanging bone-like objects; and a very ominous creature slithering through the dark. What does it all mean?!

The scant plot synopsis reveals just as much:

A small-town Oregon teacher (Keri Russell) and her brother (Jesse Plemons), the local sheriff, discover that a young student (Jeremy T. Thomas) is harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences.


Antlers is directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) and in addition to Keri Russell (The Americans) and Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights), costars Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves) and Rory Cochrane (CSI: Miami).

Perhaps the most mysterious of all: Despite being a spooky, supernatural horror movie, Antlers will be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The movie is expected to arrive in 2020.