‘Blazing Chrome’ Trailer: This love letter to ‘Contra’ drops so damn soon. July 11, baby!

Forget Konami’s new trash-ass Contra coming down the pipe. Blazing Chrome is the modern love letter we deserve. And, it’s dropping fucking soon. July 11!

Rock Paper Shotgun:

Contra is back next month on July 11th – not in name, but undeniably in spirit. Blazing Chrome by Joymasher is exactly my kind of run-and-gun platformer. Loud, fast, and packed with mean-looking robots and weird biomechanical monsters with far too many eyes and teeth. Today, along with announcing the release date, they put out a new trailer showing off even more of the game (complete with some perspective-shifting set-pieces) and a pair of unlockable ninja characters. Who needs guns when you’ve got sword beams, anyway? Attack aggressively below.

While Brendy has been wooed by its cyborg panda, I remain unimpressed by Konami’s recently-announced Contra: Rogue Corps. It looks loud and messy where Contra should be loud but precise, like a perfectly-delivered power chord. Everything I’ve seen of Blazing Chrome suggests that it understands that; it’s Mathcore metal, where something explodes every half second, but a single bullet is death. The new characters announced in the trailer below look even more technical, with higher jumps and a dash-dodge move, which looks to result in a more precise, considered style of play.