‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Trailer: Summertime In Hawkins

Stranger Things, also known as the Very Popular Nostalgia Vulture, is turning its eyes towards summer. Yup, the show is about to mine a previously unexploited source of 80s nostalgia — the summer flick.


Depending on where you are, it may or may not be hot as hell today. In that spirit, Netflix is welcoming summertime with a Stranger Things-teasing clip titled “Summer in Hawkins.”

No spoilers here, but the clip does include some well-delivered threats of a lifetime pool ban from Billy and his mullet. Catch the clip up top. For reference, the song that comes in around the 23-second mark is indeed The Cars’ 1978 song “Moving in Stereo.” The song was previously quite prominently featured, in instrumental form, in the pre-El Chapo era Sean Penn comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High.