‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ sequel confirmed by voice actor. We knew this already, but it still feels good, right?

horizon zero dawn sequel confirmed voice talent

Like, we all knew there was going to be a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. The game itself is left wide open for more tales, and it made a fucking shitload of money. That said, it’s always exciting to hear someone involved confirmed it. A little morsel of hype amid the dearth of news.


This is hardly news we didn’t see coming, but Janina Gavankar, who some of you will know voices Iden Versio, protagonist of Star Wars Battlefront II, appears to have let slip that there is a sequel currently in development for Guerilla Games’ smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn.

Speaking with a fan at the Star Wars Celebration event yesterday, Gavankar (who also had a role in DLC add-on The Frozen Wilds) stated “Wait ’til you see the sequel. You’re gonna die – I know some secrets – you’re gonna die”, no doubt being metaphorical, as opposed to relaying some kind of terrifying premonition. The clip, which originally aired on Twitch, has been deleted, but has since showed up elsewhere.

Horizon Zero Dawn launched as PS4 exclusive back in 2017 and won over fans and critics with its lush fantasy world, combining the beauty of nature with intricate industrial technology. Praised for its unique combat and character performances, HZD would go on to shift over 10 million copies. While this reveal may be accidental, HZD’s success and climax, a sequel was always foregone conclusion.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on PS4.