‘Cyber Shadow’ Trailer: A ‘Ninja Gaiden’-esque platformer being published by the ‘Shovel Knight’ folks? Sign me the fuck up.

Cyber Shadow looks fucking squarely within my wheelhouse, friends.

Rock Paper Shotgun:

Ninjas are the new hotness again and Cyber Shadow is the latest to remind us that the shinobi mask/scarf combo never goes out of style, if you’re a ninja. I’ve been following the development of this one for a while. It’s developed by one-man studio Mechanical Head with some musical help from chiptune maestro Enrique ‘Pentadrangle‘ Martin. It’s a very Ninja Gaiden-ish (NES) platformer starring a high-tech ninja in a world overrun by robot monsters. I clearly wasn’t the only one impressed by the game so far, as Shovel Knight crew Yacht Club have stepped up to publish it. Below, the debut trailer.

Cyber Shadow sounds like it’s been a true labour of love so far. Developer Aarne “Mekaskull” Hunziker has been hammering away at the game for around a decade now, and Yacht Club have been overseeing this last year of development. While not directly related to Shovel Knight, it looks like the game shares an ‘8-bit without the limits’ design ethos, with big, chunky, smoothly animated sprites that consoles of the era would choke on. Plus, a nice widescreen field of view, which is well suited to horizontally scrolling, fast-moving games like this.