Monday Morning Commute: By Saturn’s Rings!!!

mmc by saturns rings

Y’ever celebrate Christmas? Or Hanukkah? Boxing Day? Kwanzaa?

I’m bettin’ y’have, Dirt-Foot.

But what about Saturnalia? Y’ever get blasted on wine and orgy-bang until swollen and then check out a human sacrifice?

`Less I’m gettin’ y’ears through a time-tunnel, chances’re that y’never bowed before Saturn.

That, said, let’s s’pose y’actually have celebrated Saturnalia – where’d’y’do it? Poor folks, likely in a hovel w’rats scurryin’ in’n’out? Moneybags ‘mongst’ya, in th’actual Temple of Saturn?

That’s purdy cool.

But me? Where’m I celebratin’ Saturnalia this year? What’d’y’say if I told’y’that my mission brought me to Space Station Cronus, and I’m orbitin’ the sixth planet from the sun? What’d’y’say if I told y’that the boys already been loadin’ up on cheap terra-wine? What’d’y’say if I told y’that everyone chipped in to get a live-stream of the day’s NFL games and we’re aimin’ to gamble our ways into fortune? What’d’y’say if I told y’that we convinced Doc to order them good prescription horny-pills and we’re aimin’ to stink up the joint as we slide against each other?

What’d’y’say if I told you that even in the future the parties of the past prevail?

Well, if I was you – well, goddamn, I’d say “Happy Saturnalia, y’old son of a bitch!”


Welcome to the holiday edition of MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE!

Now that you’ve read some of my sci-fi nonsense, it’s time to discuss what we’re all doing this week! Let’s share strategies for having a good (Yule) time!

I’ll start!


Murdering LOBSTERS and using their flesh to feed my family!


Re-Reading SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE by Steve Perry!


RACING BABY NEW YEAR in the hopes of achieving my 2018 resolution of watching 100 movies I’ve never seen before. (Not the movies in the video below.)


Legit? Just trying to SLEEP as much as possible.


So there you have it — (some of) what I’ll be doing this week!

What’re you up to?!