Weekend Open Bar: they’re not broken, they’re just flickering

weekend open bar not broken just flickering

And a pleasant Weekend Open Bar to you all, as well! How’s it going, anyways? Hope you’re as lucky as me, to have the next couple of days to convalesce. And if you don’t? May you find the strength to punch the fucking weekend work day squarely in the throat! Indeed, indeed! Maybe you find the strength to axe-kick its compromised organs, and drink from its futility! Fuck, fuck. I was trying to come in here floaty, relaxed from yoga. That’s a thing I’m doing now, I guess.


Going to my wife’s class on Friday evenings.

I’m as basic and as privileged as they come, but, what do you want from me? I hope some sort of meta, tactic acknowledgement of this can salve my weeping wound which has burst open from leaning into Generica.

That said, let me tell you. For someone to-the-gills on caffeine, mania, and a quiet-albeit-always-present bloodlust towards the Fiends From the Swamp and the Status Quo, it’s actually quite effective. If but for a while, it has managed across two consecutive weeks to quell the Maelstrom.

When the cost-benefit analysis is measuring Not Wanting To Be Basic against Actually Feeling At Peace, well, the arithmetic is doable even by me.

Man, man this isn’t fucking fun to read. I’m sorry! I’m fucking sorry. I don’t know what to offer you, other than that! Oh, and an invitation to spend the weekend here with me at the Open Bar!

What are you friends up to this weekend? Are you checking in NJPW’s Dominion, like me? Hitting up the movie theater to gorge your fat-veined brain-pipes on Popcorn Fare? Reading anything good? Going for a hike? Fingering someone you found on Craigslist while they wear your school mascot’s costume? I, believe it or not, want to hear all about all of it.

So, what’s up?