Watch: The final scene from ‘Whiplash’ set to the music from ‘F-Zero’ is fucking perfect

God-Tier mash-up, friends. God-Tier.

AV Club:

With just a few minor edits, PC Gamer writer Andy Kelly was able to sync the wailing, blast-beat-riddled rock music from the Mario Kart 8 rendition of the “Mute City” theme from F-Zero with the high-tempo version of “Caravan” from the film’s finale. It fits so seamlessly even JK Simmons can’t help but bob his head along with the beat. The close-up shots of Miles Teller’s intense face mixed with the synthed-out shredding guitar is enough to make you think, “Hey, this is something I could get into.” Though that may have more to do with the catchiness of the “Mute City” theme than anything Chazelle is doing.