OL Presents: Wagering on INFINITY WAR [A Spoiler-Free Discussion]

Wagering on Infinity War

It’s finally upon us! This time tomorrow, Avengers: Infinity War will finally be dropping into the brains of lifelong comics nerds and MCU fans and probably a few confused moviegoers who’ve never seen a Marvel movie before!

It’s time to celebrate!

And just like Christmas Eve or New Years Eve or Baal Bloodletting Eve, these next twenty-four hours will be spent wondering about how it’s all going to go down. Hoping that our favorites make it out okay. Imagining the unimaginable elements we’ve yet to see. Fearing what Thanos might be capable of.

As such, let’s make the most of this Weekend Open Bar special presentation: Wagering on Infinity War!

This is the the spot for a SPOILER-FREE DISCUSSION! Hit up the comments and share what you think will happen, what you hope will happen, or any other thoughts you have about the confrontation that we’ve been waiting for since that first tease back in 2012.


Rather than drone on and on about every single theory I’ve entertained, I’m just going to offer a few notes. After all, I’m sure all y’all have more interesting thoughts, and I’d rather read/respond to those!

– Thanos wins!
– Loki continues playing Snape!
– We get some heartwrenching deaths!

– Tony and Stevie make up!
– Vision makes it out alive!
– It feels more like an All-Star Game than a first-round playoff series!

– We’ll get a stinger that mirrors the first one from IRON MAN. I imagine the movie ending with Thanos winning. Then, we get a scene of Nick Fury explaining to unseen characters that he’s been keeping a low profile just in case something like this went down. He then says “I’m here to talk to you about the Secret Avengers Initiative,” and cut to a shot of Hawkeye, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Captain Marvel, and maybe a few other scrubs — the unlikely team that’ll lead the resistance in the next flick!


So, those are my slack-jawed ideas!

What are your SPOILER-FREE thoughts?