Views From The Space-Ship: Booty Game Too Strong

booty game too strong

Booty Game Too Strong?! Fucking impossible! Try me, bro. When I die, I hope my epitaph reads, potentially, as such: He Died As He Lived, Worshipping The Booty. Oh fuck, Oh me, Oh my. Where I am? I got, I got the vapors. The dog’s looking at me side-eyed, and I’m worried she perceives the eventual-embolism approaching. Finally. My body and mind soaked with Dew, my loins and shirt soaked with Booty Worship.

While I’m here, before my leaves fall, let me throw this out to you, fair Garbage Lords. This late-as-fuck but hey-at-least-I’m-posting-it edition of Desktop Thursdays.

Check out my rot-gut, trash existence! Then, I beseech you, before the long night comes, share your own world(s) in the comments section.


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That’s me! My fucking cat, my goddamn comics, and my obsession with Always Sunny. What has your world looked like this past week? Hit me!