Milla Jovovich joins ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’ as the titular villain, and I’m pumped

milla jovovich hellboy rise of the blood queen

I’m just going to throw my chips in with this Hellboy reboot. The cast was already to my taint-tickling delight, and now it has added Milla Jovovich. Why not just be optimistic? Eh?! Hopper from Stranger Things? Resident Evil Lady?! Odin from American Gods?!?


The Hellboy reboot is moving fast. The project was first announced back in May, with comics creator Mike Mingola co-writing the script for director Neil Marshall(The Descent) alongside Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden. The film has Stranger Things standout David Harbour playing the titular comics character, recently we learned that Ian McShane will be playing Professor Broom, and now the movie is zeroing in on its villain.

Per Deadline, Milla Jovovich is in final talks to play the Big Bad in Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, which will be an R-rated take on the comics character. Jovovich has been the lead of the Resident Evil franchise for years, but that recently came to a close with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Now it appears she’ll be switching “good vs. evil” allegiances and taking on the bad side to inhabit the role of the Blood Queen.