‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ is coming out in 2018, which means it’s currently 12% finished

Don’t fucking trust Square release dates, just don’t. Not after the last decade, not after Final Fantasy 15. However, furthermore, don’t fucking trust Square to release completed games even when they meet a release date, just don’t. Not after the last decade, not after Final Fantasy 15.

the verge:

Kingdom Hearts 3, the long awaited third major installment in the epic Final Fantasy and Disney crossover RPG series, finally has a release date, although it remains somewhat ambiguous for now. At the conclusion of a new Toy Story-themed trailer of the game shown off at Disney’s D23 expo today, developer Square Enix revealed that the game would indeed be coming out in 2018. Even better news: from the footage shown off of Sora and pals Donald and Goofy teaming up with Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the game looks fantastic, with an even deeper and zanier battle system and ultra-polished visuals.

The news should overjoy Kingdom Hearts fans would’ve waited nearly 13 years for a sequel to the second major game in the series. It should also assuage the fears of those dreading the worst: that the game would simply never make it out of development hell, or in a worst case scenario get canned for good. But Square Enix — which wrapped up long and tortuous development cycle for Final Fantasy XV, its other highly anticipated RPG — appears better equipped to get its most anticipated titles out the door at last.