‘It Comes At Night’ Trailer: Then I Am Doomed

Man, I didn’t really want to watch this new trailer for It Comes At Night. Why? Because I fucking *loved* the teaser, and I want to go in knowing as little as possible about the movie. But, well. I’ve watched it, and I love it.


Things start off tense in the first full trailer for It Comes At Night. But I didn’t really freak out until the moment that happens at 1:47. That right there is what we call an “oh, please, no” moment. I want to know more, despite also knowing it’ll hurt to learn.

Two months ago, we got a teaser for the upcoming post-apocalyptic horror movie by Trey Edward Shults, director of indie cult thriller Krisha. What I like about this new longer clip is that it builds on what’s in the teaser, showing us the two families coming tenuously together and hinting at the state of the broken world outside the red door.

It Comes At Night opens on June 9.