Watch: ‘Blade Runner’ Fan Recreates Deckard’s Apartment In VR

Cheers, Quentin Lengele. You’ve recreated Deckard’s apartment in VR, thereby confirming you’re a way bigger fan of the movie than me. And, fuck, I’ve always prided myself on my love for the movie.


Ridley Scott’s 1984 sci-fi classic “Blade Runner” has inspired some pretty devoted fans over the years, but few compare to software engineer Quentin Lengele, who has worked diligently to recreate the interiors of replicant detector Rick Deckard’s home from the film for a complete VR tour.

Built using the Unity engine and dubbed “Blade Runner 9732,” the video walks the viewer through each room in the apartment, and briefly over the balcony into the LA cityscape of 2019 with its iconic building-sized adverts, all to the strains of Vangelis’s “Memories Of Green” from the film’s original soundtrack.

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One thing that is clear from all the little details, such as the photos and the various bottles of spirits that litter this VR labor of love, is that the whole project is no small piece of work — the version in the video is apparently build 694! This latest version apparently includes “finetune particle systems, city mod & texturing enhancement, new Police spinner animation & textures and better global fog settings” among many other improvements.