Desktop Fridays: Kick Reason To The Curb!

kick reason to the curb

It’s Desktop Thursday, on Friday! Yesterday was busy, man. But like — not in a bad way. Today is busy, man. But like — not in a bad way. I’m eyeing the end of the semester, and really, my biggest concern right now? I’m stuffed into an office, and I’m ripping an insane amount of ass-rockets. The boom, boom, boom of flatulence may very well be heard through the glass door. The boom, boom, boom of thrice-soaked cabbage-scented diaper farts may very well be smelled through the walls.

Hey, what can you do? I mean sure, I couldĀ not fart. But that I’ll get a stomachache and I ain’t about that life, you know? Wait — where the fuck are we? Oh, oh yes.

It’s a Desktop Thursday, on Friday! The weekly column where I should you my world(s). Be them virtual, textual, gastronomic, or physical. Then! Oh, then, how I hope you’ll share your own world(s) in the comments section!


Fave Cat:

I post a lot of my glorious #snowbeast, but this cat holds my heart too.



Stank Ass Feet:

No big deal, just my wife’s feet melting steal beams.



Goddamn dog. One of us is going to take a header over her one day, and down the stairs.



NBD, Starting A Fire:

Here Sam is emptying out the wood stove. But quickly realizes that still-burning embers are lighting the trash bag on fire.


A Man And His Dog:

Fucking #snowbeast.



Flashback Friday:

Twenty-two years ago, at my aunt’s wedding. Also spotted: little Rendar.



Share your world, folks! Share your world!