Views From The Space-Ship: Woah. Ugh. Wait.


Welcome back to Desktop Thursdays! Your look inside my world! Be it my physicalscape, my virtualscape, even my mindscape! I’ve decided to lead with a header every week that reflects the various psychological state I’m in, given a particular week! Simpler times, this week! I didn’t post last week, on account of being busy. Going to Portland, Maine with friends. But I’m here! Here now.

Per usual, share your own world(s) in the comments section!


My Class

Of Cynics. I love it.

class of cynics



No big deal, just a Wall of Dew

wall of dew!


Doggo And Me

Just Lucy and me



Found In Portland, Maine

Bernie Bros, am I right? #Illuminati



Dunk On You Fools!

Get height! Get hype! No hanging? Fuck that!




Just me, hanging out with Han, in 2010.



Bateman and Riff

Bateman’s the jacked one. Riff is the drunk one, tumbling in lower right.

I prefer Riff.



Same, Lucy, Same

Doggo feeling strong elements of Ennui as she realizes she a) was too young to vote b) the Electoral College is shit and c) Forest Gump Hitler is now our Lord.

same lucy same


That’s my world! Those are my worlds! Share your own!