Weekend Open Bar: Perspective Is A Hell Of A Drug

perspective is a hell of a drug

It’s that time again, folks. Weekend Open Bar, folks. I’ll level with you: I’m tired. I’ll level with you: I have nary an ounce of creative juice to squeeze out of my mind-guts, and that’s if you’re being optimistic and crediting me with creativity on occasion. But. Hey. It’s that time again, folks. Weekend Open Bar, folks. Someone has got to turn on the neon lights. Someone has got to make sure the hearth is lit. Someone gotta hook up the draught. That’s me, that’s me, that’s me! None the less, outside of that fact, with that taken into consideration, I’m pretty fucking good.

A little fatigued, a little woozy, a little weary. But here! Here, dammit.

So spend this Weekend with me. Tell me, what are you up to the next couple of days? Are you seeing Doctor Strange? Are you playing Battlefield or Call of Duty? Reading some Sheriff of Babylon or watching Black Mirror?

Oh — oh. Just drinking yourself into a pants-pissing black hole of consciousness while the video for “Take On Me” loops on YouTube? That sounds pretty fucking awesome, too.