Watch: Cospainted Silver Surfer Shreds The Streets of NYC

Times are tough. The Earth is on fire. The American Election is down to Richard Nixon versus Forrest Gump Hitler. Why not enjoy this video of Silver Surfer gliding through the streets of NYC?

Fashionably Geek:

The Silver Surfer is probably not the silliest comic book character ever created (shout to Calendar Man, who is flat out ridonk), but when it comes to preposterous it doesn’t get much better than a man made of silver who flies through space on a surfboard. That is, unless you are a regular dude named Jesse Wellens of PrankvsPrank who got painted up to ride through the streets of NYC on an electric surfboard.

With body paint by the preposterously talented Alexys Fleming of MadeYewLook, Wellens looks the business – and the citizens of NYC certainly seem to agree! Check out a video of Wellens riding through town, along with some behind-the-scenes videos of the paint application and the video shoot, below.