‘Walking Dead’ Season Three E3 2016 Trailer: Now With Playable Javier!

Yeah, can you tell I don’t play these games? But it’s E3, baby! So I’m passing this trailer along, in case you ain’t seen it yet.


Telltale Games has unveiled a teaser for the upcoming third season of its acclaimed “Walking Dead” episodic adventure series that features not only the return of Clementine but also the debut of a new character.

IGN reports that Javier, who has never appeared previously in the comic or on the television series, will join Clementine as a playable character.

“He’s been through a lot and he is central to this story. He is absolutely important to what’s going on,” Telltale’s Job Stauffer told the website, adding that Javier and Clementine “have a lot of common goals, if not a lot of common enemies.”