‘Doctor Strange’ Official Trailer: Inception Upon The Astral Plane

The Mary Sue:

Marvel’s movies have tried to stay pretty grounded so far (as grounded as Thor and the Hulk can be, anyway) and keep everything in the realm of exaggerated science as they build audience trust. With Doctor Strange, though, it looks like we’ve run out of “where I come from, science and magic are the same” excuses, and Marvel’s finally ready to let things get weird.

Jimmy Kimmel Live continues to land wonderful nerd exclusives as that’s where star Benedict Cumberbatch uh … stopped by last night to reveal the movie’s first trailer. In it, Cumberbatch puts on his best Dr. House American accent to play Dr. Stephen Strange, who’s destined to be the next Sorcerer Supreme and receive training from The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. Then there’s some gratuitous, world-bending CGI that reminds me a lot of Inception (in a good way), because when you have the backing of the MCU to do a Doctor Strange movie, you really go for it.

Strange will be one of a long line of superhero movies this year when it finally arrives in theaters on November 4.