Weekend Open Bar: DownloadUploadDefragMeatSpace

The fucking weekend, man.

Hello, friends. Come in, come in. Grab your voucher for a free download of RelaxYourFatCorpus.exe and let the soothing algorithms greetyour meat-processor. It’s the weekend. This is the OpenBar. The weekly one-stop for the populace of Space-Ship OMEGA to gather. Take off our shoes. Take off our pants. Shake one another’s hands (?). Then straight DigiChill.

As the bits-and-bytes of the various elixirs sooth us, we oft talk about what we’re doing this weekend. We share the movies we’re seeing, the shape of the caloric consumptions we’re partaking in, the particulars of the sequential art books we’re reading. Or maybe we share a particularly humorous file of the graphics interchange format variety. Anything and everything goes, so long as we keep to the golden rule: thou shall not be a negative douche.

Fair enough?

Let’s hang.