‘Call of Duty’ 2016 being developed by Infinity Ward; here’s hoping it sucks less than ‘Ghosts’

Call of Duty - Ghosts.

Man. Infinity Ward gave me my favorite Call of Duty way back in the day with Modern Warfare 2. They also provided my least favorite (after like, the entire team or some shit, left for Respawn) in Ghosts. Here is hoping the three-year development cycle is kind to them and whatever they’re bringing this year.

Rock Paper Shotgun:

Gosh! Is it time for the annual “Activision have confirmed Call of Duty [official site] still exists and is still getting its annual instalment” post already? But it was only just Christmas! Where does the time go?

Anyhoodle: Activision have confirmed Infinity Ward are working on Call of Duty 2016 and it will be released in Q4 (it’s usually during the first half of November if you haven’t been keeping track).