Opinions Vary: ‘The Dark Knight’ trailer is incontrovertibly the best trailer ever. Ever.


Welcome back to Opinions Vary where the opinions aren’t serious and that is good because they are fucking dreadful. Best is a great word. Because just like “terrorist” and “overrated”, it means absolutely nothing other than what the author intends. And even they don’t know what it means half the time, textually flopping around like a fish out of ontological water.

So I must rise above that ambiguity. I must install a concretized, unassailable definition of “best.” That’s what I must do for this polemic to work. Yes, I must. But I will fail. So when I say The Dark Knight has the best trailer of all time, this is what I mean: I wanted to open a discussion about trailers. Specifically rad ones. And when I thought “dick-stiffening trailer”, the first two-minute advertisement that sprung to mind was the one for TDK.

It’s got everything. Christian Bale’s wild lisp and gross eye-mole. A fantastic introduction to Heath Ledger’s one-in-a-generation performance as The Joker. Alfred cracking wise about the Batmobile, the very concept of joke a forgotten trope in the current DCU. That gnarly moment where Batman lands on a parked car, demolishing both the automobile and my inner thighs.

Seriously though — I don’t know if it’s the best trailer of all time. Naw, I know. It isn’t. But trailers are one of my favorite things, and I figure we could shoot the shit and share some of our preferred choices.

What you got? What springs to mind IMMEDIATELY when I say “dope trailer”? Let’s go!